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Motivate Yourself This Summer

Every sales person dreads the summer months. It is harder to get a hold of people, much less THE decision maker. People go on vacation, as does the sales person. As a result, there is a period, like the Bermuda Triangle, where everything seems to disappear.

Can you prevent that from happening: NO!

However, you can keep motivated and create a plan that will get you through the malaise. Here are tips that you can start to employ now:

  • Keep prospecting. It is too easy to say no one is around and therefore, what is the point in calling anyone. The fact is that there are people like you, who are working, do not stop now.
  • Change something. Reinvention is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Try wearing a new set of clothes, freshening up the wardrobe; wear a new pair of socks!
  • Set up an accurate pipeline for your use. Be realistic about what you have in the pipeline, and then correct the predictions for the end of summer. You may be better off than you thought.
  • Stay focused and don’t fall into the universal trap of taking off in the middle of the week. There are still vents that you can attend to meet new people.
  • Finally: The summer will be over and then the selling season starts. Be prepared for the fall by working today.
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