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The Four Reasons that Salespeople Fail

There is a statistic that reveals that 89% of Sales people either fail completely at the selling or and their current sales position. Either way, it is worth examining what that happens and try to get a handle on how to correct what goes wrong.

We have to assume that everyone who goes into sales wants to be successful. No one wakes up on a Tuesday and decides they will fail.

Failure is brought on through a composite of situations that can best be illustrated as follows:

  1. Sales people are not as constant and persistent as needed. Many take shortcuts in trying selling their product or service instead of taking time to understand the prospect.
  2. Too many sales people try too damn hard to sell! HELP your prospect accomplish heir goals and you both win. However, that does mean that you have to share the vison of the prospect.
  3. Sales managers and sales representative do not speak the same language. The sales person does not have a way of explaining what took place in the meeting and therefore everyone is mistaken on the next steps to take.
  4. Sales people have not learned the skill of prospecting for new business. They rely on the existing base rather than study the opportunities that present themselves every day. Meet more new people!

Try to correct some these flaws and sales will increase.

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