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Don’t EVER Use This Word in Sales



Of all the words in the English language, there is one word that sales people should never use. Try to guess what it is, and we bet that you will not get it. It is used so often that sales people do not know they even use it, and in the many ways and places that they use it.

Yet this single word does more to stop sales than any other.

The word that should be eliminated from a sales person’s vocabulary is “OK”.

How many times do sales people say OK to prospects, more times than you can count and at the most inappropriate times in a conversation?

For example, how many times do we say OK when someone says they are not interested, or too busy, or they have a current vendor, or they have all the sales people they want to see. We say OK to it all.

Just listen to yourself, and you will hear it a million times a day. “I am too busy to talk now”…OK we say. You have to call me back…oh, OK! I really do not need your product but glad you stopped in….OK, we say.

I am not interested, we hear when we make a phone call, and the reply is the same OK! I understand. In fact, most sales people never get past the first objection, response or issue raised by the prospect. We simply hide behind OK, and let it stand as our representative. We are so afraid of challenging the person as to what they mean by that we never get past the first OK that we mumble!

No one says that sales is easy, and it takes persistence and even cunning to make the deal happen. Yet the word OK never seems to be missing in conversations. OK, OK, OK, OK!

Stop saying OK and ask the prospect or the customer, what they mean. Ask pointed questions and you will find the person opens up— where OK shuts them down. After all, what do you expect them to say when you say OK to what they have just said?

Stop using this word and see sales increase.



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