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Time Wasters for Sales People

There are so many ways that we waste time. Yes, we know when we WASTE time! Sometimes we say to ourselves if I could only the find the time to…. (you add the task) I would be that much better off. The fact is, that sales people waste time all during the day. Here are some of the top time wasters that you might want to consider changing, if they apply to you.

  • Poor coordination between the sales and marketing team. Both groups are not coordinating their efforts, and sometimes actually counter each other. Therefore, the message being sent is never correct.
  • Hiring is one of the most difficult areas, since everyone tries to sell him or herself during the interview. Have a planned approach before bringing some on.
  • Management is at fault. Yes, unbelievably, some of the problems that sales people face is because of poor management.
  • Motivation is talked about all the time, but no one has figured out how to motivate a sales person effectively. The best way, is for the people to motivate themselves.
  • Poor lead generation leads to wasted efforts. Sometime the rep has to find their own leads, and in some cases, the company has people to do it.
  • Either way, if the leads are poor the calls will be poor.
  • How long does it take your company to respond to a lead that comes into you? Time is an essential factor with in-coming leads.
  • Although it might take up to seven times to reach a person, most sales people give up after one attempt. Foolish!
  • Poor sales processing of information and coordination with support services kills time and caused disenchantment.
  • Since most sales people never keep track of their ratios, they really do not know how they are doing or cannot predict their own success.
  • Finally, poor or no training leads to wasted time and on-productive time. Training should be consistent and conducted on a regular basis.
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