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Turning Cold Prospects into Warm Prospects that Want to Buy From You

How do you increase the odds of making the sale. Here are five tips that will turn that cold prospect into a warm lead and help close the deal.

  1. Target your buyers. Know who you really want to work with, and why. Define your market and think broadly, understanding that not everyone is going to buy, but the more people that you meet the better chance you have. Remember also, that every introduction is worth more than a cold call, so make sure you ask for introductions from everyone you meet.
  2. Research. Everyone thinks that the more research they do the better the sales presenting. NOT! Nevertheless, you do need to know something about the company you are meeting with and what they do. Check it out on the internet before going to the meeting or making the call. However, do not get so cocky that you go into the meeting thinking you know everything. Ask good quality questions.
  3. You can warm up those leads though a short email. HOWEVER, even better, use the mail; yes mail a personal letter to them. They will remember it more than the email. Do not include two tons of product information, which kills the message.
  4. There will always be people who will block your path to the right person. Be nice, but be business-like. Do not overplay the game with flowers or doughnuts. You look like a sales person from the 1950’s rather than the professional you are.
  5. Customize your delivery when meeting with the prospect. If you are finding you are bored with what you have been saying; change it up. Boring comes across, so be enthusiastic in everything you do. Do not minimize a smile and a good greeting.
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