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Notes for Account Managers

If you sell and manage existing accounts, here are some ideas to use:

  • Always think of ways to help your clients, not just sell.
  • Be bold and forceful in your approach because you believe that your products and services are the best solution for them.
  • Find out about how they become customer/clients in the first place. The story will give you more answers on how they buy.
  • Be sincere in your interest and show that sincerity.
  • Every client is a Tier 1 client; treat them as such and make sure they know it.
  • Use the word recommendation rather than proposal. It is more comforting to them, and less like a sales approach.
  • Get to know your contact well, understand their motives and operating procedures. Know the company’s purchasing pattern.
  • Go out of your way to acknowledge your contacts; do not wait until the last moment.
  • Be an advocate for your client and your company.
  • Collaborate with your contacts to get the best results for them.

Steve Schiffman is a leading author and sales thinker. He can be reached at 212 836 4719 or by email at .

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