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Don’t Do Nothing

It is easy during certain times of the year for sales people to sit back and let the day take over. In other words, be busy doing nothing. After all, we all deserve a break occasionally, and now, or almost anytime, may be the best time for that.

Most sales people make this fundamental mistake. Doing Nothing produces even less. However, we first have to understand how today affects tomorrow and the next week or even the next month.

If your sales cycle is six weeks, then nothing new you start today will come to fruition for at least six weeks. Therefore, what you do or do not do today has a direct impact on the future. Are you prepared for a lull in your sales six, eight, ten weeks from now.

Here are five things you can do TODAY that will turn around that slump that you are preparing for down the line:

Make a list of people that you want to call. Put a little history to the list and you will have a good calling list for when the holiday breaks.
Ask for introductions. Now is not a bad time to write down all those people that can introduce others. For every ten introductions, you will generate six appointments and make three sales.

Look over the past year, and figure out your ratios. How many appointments did you go on, what were the results, what can you change for the New Year.
Are you bored with your job? Probably 80% of all sales people feel like they have done it all before. This is just another year, and whatever you did last year is good enough! NOT! Reinvent yourself into the sales person that YOU want to be. Become your own coach.

Okay, now take a break. You deserve it.

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