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Do Companies That Use E-Learning Prosper?

Here are some interesting facts about companies that use E Learning as part of their corporate training:

  1. Companies that use E-Learning generate 26% higher revenue than those don’t employ E-Learning
  2. E-Learning can help boost productivity by 50%
  3. E-Learning participants retain a higher level of material by 25% to 60%
  4. E-Learning training is up to 60% shorter that traditional classroom training
  5. E-Learning can lead to a 60% faster learning curve
  6. Corporations can save as much as 50% to 70% of cost when compared to instructor lead programs
  7. E-Learning corporations say they have a competitive edge over companies that train in the traditional manner
  8. Participants can retain five times more material in an E-Learning Companies with a strong learning culture were 46% more likely to be leaders in their field.
  9. Nearly 75% of all companies now use some form of E-Learning, webcast or other virtual learning components
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