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Act Where You Want to Be, Not Where You Are!

How many sales people do you know who bemoan their fate? It seems to them that nothing goes their way and they look and sound like a failure.

A modern sales person has to take the opposite approach; look and act not the way they are but the way they want to be!

It is important to be the person that you visualize since that will be the way you interact with the other person, and it will be the way you sell.

Selling is complicated enough without you being the downer in the conversation. When you meet someone for the first time, they judge you through your verbal tone and your non-verbal actions. If you are the sad sack of the sales community, they will pick it up immediately.

This is not to say be someone that you are not. However, it sure helps if you can swagger into a room full of confidence and product knowledge and covey it to your prospect or customer.

Recently we watched a sales person, tired of selling, trying to convey vital information to the prospect. He was annoyed at being there in the first place. When asked what he could do to “get that feeling back” the word reinvention came up in conversation.

We need to take the time to re-charge and reinvent yourself for the next phase in your sales career.

That means:

  • Develop a positive attitude
  • Get new clothes
  • Carry less sales material
  • Offer a sincere greeting when meeting
  • Understand that there are new ways to sell- don’t be in a rut
  • Take a sales training program- pay for it if necessary
  • Don’t be afraid to take a chance
  • Make a new friend and develop new interests
  • Listen to what the prospect or customer is really saying
  • Keep smiling even if it hurts
  • Sales are the most rewarding occupation, if you are successful. Nevertheless, it is awful when things go badly!

Good selling.

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